The Arab world thinks Biden is weak – and here is the proof

by Avi Abelow

The Arab world knew that Trump was a strong president, and that’s why they hated him so much. And now, they think and know Biden’s weak.

How the Arab World Views President Biden

Of course, this Syrian TV discussion does not represent the entire Arab world. But it does say a lot about the thoughts that are circulating at least some of the Arab world. President Trump stood strong against Iran and other terrorist entities. And some Arabs didn’t like that. So they hated Trump and claimed that he didn’t do anything good.

And now that Biden is president, enemies of the United States feel that the US is no longer a threat. Why? Because President Biden is weak. He is weak when dealing with foreign policy. He is weak in the face of Iran. His policies are frightening to anyone who cares about the survival of America. The personalities on this Syrian TV show claim that Trump led America to “madness,” and that now they can “force the US to return to its senses.”

This one little clip says a lot about Biden and how he is viewed in the world. And it is quite scary that the world plans to take advantage of his weakness.


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