Has The War Between Israel and Iran Already Begun?

by David Mark

There has always been an assumption that a direct attack on Iran by Israel or her Sunni-Arab allies was mere bluff for something else. The truth is, an all out assault from the air on a country like Iran just never made any sense.

Ever since the Biden administration took power in Washington, the threat of regional war with Iran has skyrocketed. After all, both Israel and the Sunni-Arab Gulf states won’t just sit back and watch the US sell them to the interests of the Ayatollahs.

Now, with the US willing to kneel before the needs of the Ayatollah and his fanatic followers, there isn’t really anything left for Israel to discuss or plan. The only question is how to fight.

Prime Minister Netanyahu has never been a big fan of direct attacks, especially when the enemy holds the advantage. That leaves covert operations behind the enemy lines – a job for the Mossad.

The Natanz attack was not only successful but it was the culmination of a week of build up after two different attacks on Iranian threats. One was in the Red Sea and the other was on Iranian bases in Syria.

In all three attacks, Iran was stunned at the ability of Israel to surprise and decimate the Iranian forces. The Natanz attack was devastating as it seemed to point out the futility of Iran and the Western powers signing a new nuclear deal. The Iranians can sign whatever they want, but Israel essentially has the capability to destroy their nuclear weapon program.

But the attack on Natanz is something even more. It can be seen as the beginning of the war between Israel and Iran. It is ultimately the proof that Israel won’t go quietly as a fiefdom of a decaying US empire or like the Jews of Europe in the cattle cars being taken to the gas chambers.


Despite the political circus surrounding the Knesset elections, Israel is rising to a global leadership position. If it has to face its enemy alone – it will.


Israel Defense Forces (IDF) Chief of the General Staff Aviv Kochavi said the following about a potential confrontation with Iran:

“If Iran and its partners, members of the radical axis, either directly or by proxy, will take action against the State of Israel, they will find themselves in a very costly endeavor.”

“The IDF will strike all those involved in activities against the State of Israel or against Israeli targets, whether in part or in full, whether near or far.”

“I say these things simply, clearly and with complete commitment: our retaliatory steps have been prepared and rehearsed. I advise our enemies not to test us.”

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