President Biden is about to make one of the biggest mistakes in history

by Phil Schneider

The US is prepared to remove sanctions against Iran. If Biden brings the US back to the Obama-era deals, then the world is about to take a major strategic blunder. General Jack Keane explains that Biden’s foreign policy team is basically a rehashing of the Obama foreign policy team. The Congress is against turning back the clock. So then who is driving the policy decisions that are so unpopular? Gen. Keane believes that it is the Europeans, namely, England, France, and Germany are driving this return to the deal.

Does Biden understand that this decision may very well be akin to the Chamberlain appeasement attitude that brought nothing but aggression? Does Biden understand that there has been a major realignment in the Middle East in the last four years? There are multiple Arab countries who have made the fateful choice and have placed their future with the State of Israel and the West. They oppose Iran’s military might more than anything else and expect the United States to be a more reliable ally in the fight to keep radical Islamic expansionism from spreading to their countries.

In the coming years and decades, there will be much debate about the accomplishments of the Trump Presidency. Some will point out that Trump was the first President to shine the light on China as the most dangerous country in the world. But others point out that it may be the fundamental shift in the Middle East that came about due to Trump policies will be the main thing that Trump’s foreign policy will be remembered for.

Biden will probably be tested in the Ukraine, North Korea, and in the Far East. Aggression will probably grow under Biden’s watch as the United States is no longer viewed as a potent force that will insure world peace. But in the situation of Iran, this is the United States being pro-active in getting rid of the sanctions that did so much to bring more moderate Arab countries into the pro-Western orbit. One day, very soon, the folly of this policy will be viewed as a fateful mistake.

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