A 19 year old IDF soldier’s heartbreaking last words to his family and friends

by Leah Rosenberg

These letters from IDF soldier Sgt. Sean Mondschein are emotional. He was killed in the 2014 war with Hamas, defending his people and land.

Soldier Leaves Letters for Family & Friends

Israel’s Memorial Day is filled with sadness and grief. Family, friends, and the entire nation of Israel mourn the loss of soldiers and civilians who were killed protecting and living in the Jewish homeland. Everyone feels the pain of the nation. Even if there is someone in Israel who does not personally know a soldier or person killed, everyone still feels it. Everyone feels the loss and the pain of the Jewish people. This IDF soldier, Sgt. Sean Mondschein, was killed in the 2014 war with Hamas in Gaza. He was a true hero and left behind family and friends who feel empty without him. At just 19 years old, Sean went out to defend his people and his land. It is tragic that he never made it back to be with those he loved.

This video shows the words he left to his family and friends. Listening to the words being sung in a song is extremely powerful. Sean must have been a truly special person to leave behind such meaningful words. And to hear that he said “I’m glad I had the privilege to fall for my country. I love Israel” is inspiring. If only we could all feel such love for the Jewish people and the Jewish state. If only we could all in our own way serve the Jewish nation with such dedication. At just 19 years old, Sean managed to feel and do what many people cannot do in decades more of living.

He died a true hero.

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