Holocaust survivors and Israeli teens fight a new pandemic together

by Leah Rosenberg

It is painful that Holocaust survivors have to hear about and see such horrific and constant antisemitism in 2021.

Holocaust Survivors Witnessing Antisemitism

Holocaust survivors lived through some of the worst atrocities not only in Jewish history but in human history. They know what antisemitism is more than most people. Sadly, there is still antisemitism in 2021. And it doesn’t seem to be dying down. Although there were thousands and thousands of recorded cases of antisemitism just in the US last year, there were many unrecorded cases. And these Holocaust survivors and Israeli teens have given a voice to those who had no voice. They are working to fight back against the antisemitism that has crept its way into so much of society.

What is so frightening is that in these cases and stories read out loud, no action was taken to punish those who acted with hatred toward those sharing their stories. Horrific things were said and done, and administration, teachers, and others did nothing to stop it or prevent those who did it from doing it again.

It’s crazy when you realize the stories in this video are the UNRECORDED stories. Of the 13,000 cases of antisemitism in the US, these were not even included in the statistic. These are the silent stories, and it is painful to realize how many Jews are suffering in silence as those around them attack them verbally and physically. And those who witness it do nothing to stop it.

How much longer can this go on for?


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