What the oldest Biblical scroll ever discovered has written inside

by Phil Schneider

Right next to the location of the Western Wall and the Temple Mount, a discovery was found that is perhaps the very oldest chunk of the Bible. It was discovered by a young child who was able to sneak into a small area that a larger person would not be able to get into. But what it says inside of the little scroll is what is the most fascinating of all.

The blessing of the Priests is written clearly in the bible. It is said every day by Priests today, all over the world. It is a blessing that G-d gave as a gift to the Priests to bless the entire nation with. The blessing says the following. May G-d guard you. May G-d enlighten you with graciousness. Lastly, May G-d raise his countenance on you and bless you with peace.

The blessing of peace is the only part of the daily liturgy text that is dictated to be said – in the Bible itself. It is so fitting that the one little piece of the Bible that was found near the Temple Mount was that specific prayer itself. After all, it contains the prayer that there is a custom for parents to give to their children at the onset of every Sabbath.

The fact that the Bible is the oldest Book that exists today is well-known. But the more archaeological evidence that is found that contains bits and pieces of the Bible, the more proof there is to the indigenous nature of the Jewish people in the Land of Israel.

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