How Israeli NBA star memorialized the 6 million Jews on Holocaust Remembrance Day

by Leah Rosenberg

Israeli NBA star Deni Avdija should be applauded, and not just for his skills. He has publicly supported his nation.

Israeli NBA Star Remembers

Being part of the Jewish people means remembering. It means remembering the good and the bad; remembering history. All the way from the beginning of time until today, Jews remember. They talk about the past on holidays. They think about all that G-d has done to keep them alive and help them thrive. To be part of the Jewish people means to have a strong memory. And Israeli NBA star Deni Avdija has shown that he is proud to be a member of the nation of Israel.

It was recently Holocaust Remembrance Day in Israel, or as it is called in Hebrew Yom Hashoah. Avdija made it his responsibility to remember the brutal murder of six million of his people. He chose to publicly remember – from the basketball court – the Holocaust and its atrocities by wearing black and writing “Yizkor” on his shoe, which means “remember.”

Deni Avdija has shown the world that he is not only an NBA star and team member, but he is a team member of the Jewish people.

In a time where there is so much antisemitism throughout the world, it is truly commendable that Avdija is not afraid to support his people and do so for all to see. That takes courage.

Deni Avdija – not only do your basketball fans applaud you for your dedication and skill, but the nation of Israel applauds you as well.

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