Israeli NBA star wows everyone – but here is what commentators said

by Leah Rosenberg

Israeli NBA star Deni Avdija is really making a name for himself. He is impressing everyone who sees him play. The commentators love him!

“Shabbat Shalom” to Israeli NBA Star

Hailing from Israel, Deni Avdija is definitely known in the NBA. But he is not only known for his country of origin. This Israeli NBA star is extremely talented. The commentators love him – you can hear them say “Shabbat Shalom!” after he keeps scoring big for the Washington Wizards (Avdija’s team).

Maybe more of the world will start to realize the truth about Israel after seeing a regular Israeli come and play basketball. Maybe they’ll realize that all the lies cannot be true. Israelis are humans too. They have thoughts, feelings, and dreams. They have talents and skills that they want to utilize – just like everyone else. Israelis are not an oppressive people, as the media wants you to believe.

Israelis succeed, and they also fail. They dream big.

Some of them even have dreams to be stars. Maybe even NBA stars. Deni Avdija is making that dream come true.

An Israeli playing in the NBA – America’s professional basketball league – is another slap in the face to the BDS movement and others who try to boycott the Jewish state. The NBA isn’t discriminating against Avdija because he is Israeli. He has talent – and so they want him to play. The BDS movement might not be happy about this Israeli star playing in the league – but the Washington Wizards definitely are.

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