Biden proved how racist his administration will be with new policy

by Phil Schneider

Well, now we know for sure that a Biden-Harris-run government will treat people differently based on their race and their gender. If you are Black or Hispanic, you will be treated with kid gloves and given all kinds of rewards based on your color. If you are a woman, you will be rewarded in order to make sure the playing field is indeed flat. Is this really what America is all about? Is this really flattening the playing field? What about all the poor struggling businesses owned by “whites” across the USA who also have the same hurdles? The pandemic is not color-blind. Economic hardships is not color-blind. Unfortunately, Biden thinks otherwise.

The basic gist of this speech is that laws need to be enacted in order to enhance the lives of minorities and women due to systemic racism and sexism in the American culture. This is a controversial argument, but it should not be dismissed. Of course racism exists. It exists in all cultures. And yes, it exists among black people too against white people and other non-minorities. So, how should the racism that exists in the world be handled? This is not a simple problem. But the key is not government intervention in anything – except for education.

Racism can indeed be combated via education. But it is not simple to change the mindset of older people through government regulations. How should education changes be made? This is also not simple, but there are great minds who can figure this one out. Major League Baseball and most major sports only became integrated in the middle of the 20th century. This was not due to governmental regulations as much as due to a cultural change that was going on in America. Racism should be viewed as a scourge like drugs. Perhaps some of the leading women in America – including the former First Ladies should form a unified non-political group to combat racism. But the key is not governmental policies. The key is formal and especially informal education on the subject. That is something that some government money should be used for. Handouts are not the solution. They just ruin the playing field as opposed to flattening it.

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