Netanyahu and wife forced into secure area after protesters break through police checkpoint

by Avi Abelow

Anti-Netanyahu protests have been taking place outside the Prime Minister’s residence in Jerusalem for months.

It has just been released that on Jan. 2, the protestors took it up a level by bursting through police barricades around the PM’s residence. Due to this escalation, Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, his wife Sara and other people who were with them were taken to a secure compound within his official Jerusalem residence. They remained in the secure area for 45 minutes until the security services called the area clear.

There are a number of things interesting and worrying about this incident.

First of all, the government has fallen. We have begun preparing for new elections in March. That, essentially, was the purpose of the protest movement, to remove Netanyahu, so with new elections on the horizon, there is no reason to protest anymore. Correct?

Actually, this point actually highlights how the anti-Netanyahu protestors on the left do not care for democracy even though they preach about “defending democracy”. They don’t care that there are new elections that they should focus on trying to beat Netanyahu. They want Netanyahu gone, for good. They don’t want him running in a new election. They are ignoring the fact that after three elections over the span of a year-and-a-half they couldn’t get rid of him. Netanyahu won enough seats in each election to remain Prime Minister. They failed each time to get rid of him using the tools of democracy. Now that new elections have been called they are showing that they definitely won’t respect the next election results if Netanyahu wins enough to continue to remain serving as Prime Minister.

It really makes you wonder how the left goes around preaching the moral high-ground of being the “defenders of democracy” yet continuously disregarding the rules of democracy.

The second troubling aspect has to do with how the Israeli media is dealing with it. One the one hand, after the incident at the Capitol building in Washington DC with the whole media establishment blaming President Trump and his “right-wing” supporters, the Israeli media is warning Israelis that the right-wingers in Israel will use that same violence here in Israel. At the same time, they are downplaying the violence of the left-wing protestors, especially exhibited at this incident of storming the outer areas of the Prime Minister’s residence.

Instead of the Israeli media calling out the violence and escalation of the anti-Netanyahu protestors, they have turned the event around, played down the escalation and instead been questioning why the security forces took Netanyahu and his wife into a secure area. Questioning the security of the Prime Minister has become the headline news, not the escalation of violence that led the security forces to take the Prime Minister and his wife into a secure are.

The utter hypocrisy of the establishment media in Israel can not be more clear to see.

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