CAPITAL CHAOS: China Continues To Play Mind Games With The USA

by Micha Gefen

The Chinese Communist Party has continued to use the chaos surrounding the “storming” of the Capital Building as the center piece of their newest psyops campaign.

Chinese media has called it hypocritical that on one hand the US encourages Hong Kong protests against the Chinese government and then afterwards ridicules the CCP for violently cracking down on protestors, while “doing the same” to the protestors at and inside the Capital Building.

At first glance, the CCP’s accusation may appear to hold water. However, other than the fact the protestors in both places (Hong Kong and Washington D.C.) were protesting CCP control of their respective governments, the way the police handled the protestors in Washington D.C. was far less violent than the crushing blow the Chinese military delivered to the Hong Kong protestors.

Now, of course many of the Democrats appear to be supportive of a similar purge and brutal flattening of the protestors and those who share congruent social and political views with them – effectively borrowing tactics and methods from the CCP playbook.

Chinese psyops campaign are not unique to the USA, but what we are witnessing is a very effective psychological attack from the CCP and its supporters in the US government. Creating chaos, confusion, and social upheaval to the point where one half of the country is willing to remove the other half through deplatforming, ostracizing, and labeling is an effective weapon that the CCP is employing the USA and other places.

The fact that these sort of tactics have willing partners from within the Democratic party should alarm most citizens. Those who work with the CCP must know that once the CCP has used them against their fellow citizens, they too will taken down, unless of course they bend the knee to Beijing.

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