Israel has entered 2021 with a spirit that’s blowing the world away

by Leah Rosenberg

Although 2020 was a rough year for the entire world, Israel is keeping its positive spirit. Let’s look at how they are entering 2021.

Israel in 2021

Despite what some of the world wants you to believe, Israel has entered 2021 in a way that should impress everyone. They are still one of the most diverse nations in the Middle East. Jews, Arabs, Christians, and others live in the tiny Jewish state. Israel welcomes diversity. They welcome people of different faiths, ethnicities, and religions. It is a country that shines light in the region and on the entire world.

What other country in the Middle East welcomes those who are different? Most persecute Christians and Jews. Most do not have a population as diverse as Israel’s.

There is a reason people want to visit and tour the country. It is infused with greatness spiritually and physically!

Moving to Israel During a Pandemic

Despite the struggles of a world pandemic, many Jews have chosen to make Israel their home and move their entire families and lives. There was something pulling them. People who weren’t sure if “now” was the right time throughout their lives decided that now, during a pandemic, is the right time. Because as the great sage Hillel said, “If not now, when?” (Ethics of the Fathers: 1:14). It is truly praiseworthy!

Despite being a beautiful country physically, Israel is beautiful in every other way as well. The spirituality that exists is unparalleled. The people’s love for peace and diversity. The democracy and freedom.

May 2021 be a year that brings even more blessing!

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