Democrats are shocked by the Left banning gendered language

by Phil Schneider

Gendered language is now off-limits? Really? Are they trying to destroy the idea that there are men, women, fathers, mothers, and grandmothers? This is really nuts. The word Amen has now become a gender-filled word.

This distorted version of feminism is something that either reflects the viewpoint of a radical fringe, or America may be going down a dangerous path. There is nothing more sacred than the existence of the organic family unit as it has existed for millennia. If this kind of trend will continue then the United States will turn into a country where men cannot be men and women cannot be women. If we can only be a collection of transgender human beings with freedom to choose if we want to be a man or woman, then we are cancelling the very existence of humanity.

This is truly beyond absurd. But the Democrats may want to be careful. If they allow the opinions of the fringe to become the mainstream of their party, then they will also lose the middle ground. 2022 and/or 2024 will be elections wherein the Republicans and the Democrats will try to claw back to reach the “middle-of-the-roaders” while not losing their staunch supporters closer to the fringe. By cancelling humanity, the Democrats will be making a giant step away from the reasonable middle of the road.

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