Iran Expels UN Inspectors Pushing The Middle East To The Brink Of War

by David Mark

The Iranian Revolutionary Guards have upped the ante by revealing a new missile facility and expelling UN nuclear inspectors.

With chaos increasing in the US political system, Iran is busy pushing the Middle East to the brink of war. First Iran increased uranium enrichment to 20%, then unveiled a new missile site, and now the regime in Tehran has expelled UN nuclear inspectors.

The Trump administration may have only days left, but it is taking the threats from Iran seriously. President Trump wanted to draw down troops across the Middle East and Afghanistan, but was convinced to turn the USS Nimitz around and send it to the Persian Gulf.

For Iran’s part, the regime wants to enter negotiations with the incoming Biden administration holding the advantage. President Trump’s team understands that Biden and his incoming Secretary of State Antony Blinken are willing to give the Ayatollahs whatever they want.

With Iran raising the tensions in the region and testing the President and his team on his way out, there is an expectation of some sort of action to set Iran back. President Trump may not want to engage in any military action, but knowing that Biden and his team appear to be compromised by Beijing, Iran’s main ally, makes the need to send some sort of message to the Ayatollahs and the CCP necessary.

With Pelosi and the Democrats making a moving against Trump with days left, the stakes are high – especially considering how different the incoming administration is on policy when it comes to the Chinese Communist Party and their Iranian allies.

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