UAE authorities unite separated Yemenite Jewish family after 21 years

by Leah Rosenberg

The UAE authorities have done something magnificent. This is truly emotional to see! Can you imagine if this was your family?

UAE Authorities Give the Greatest Gift

Imagine not seeing your family for over two decades. Well, this Yemenite Jewish family was separated from each other for 21 years. And the UAE authorities made it possible for them to reunite. What a spectacular thing to see.

The ramifications of the peace deal that was made between Israel and the United Arab Emirates goes far beyond what people even realize. Can you imagine the authorities of the UAE facilitating such an event 10 years ago? The Middle East is changing. The world is changing. A few years ago, no one could have pictured the type of peace that is happening between Israel and various Arab countries. G-d really can change things around in the blink of an eye! What once didn’t seem possible can become the norm.

Peace really benefits everyone. Even those countries and nations not directly involved in the peace deal will benefit from a world that has more peace in it.

Judea and Samaria Building
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