7 of the coolest technologies in the IDF

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel’s army has more to offer than just strong and brave soldiers. Check out these technologies in the IDF that change EVERYTHING!

Technologies in the IDF

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) is full of surprises. They are known to produce some of the strongest and most courageous defenders the world has seen. But what else do they do? Well, a lot actually. They have their intelligence units, their rescue units, and more. The IDF uses some of the coolest technology out there. There are a lot of different technologies in the IDF, but this video definitely shows some of the coolest. These technologies literally save the lives of civilians in so many different ways. And they have been proven to help protect the borders of the Jewish state.

Why the Israeli Army has to be so Good

They have no choice. Israel has no choice but to be the best. Israel fights to protect its own borders, which is quite rare. Their own land becomes the battleground sometimes. The IDF has no other option but to defend the Jewish state and to do it right. They have to have the best technology to stop terrorists from infiltrating, to stop rocket attacks, and to ensure secure borders.

Israel’s secret weapon? G-d. G-d is constantly watching over His people and His land. And it is quite obvious. Israel has fought and won war after war miraculously. You cannot explain it without the One Above having a direct hand in protecting the Jewish nation.

That is definitely the coolest “technology” of all!

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