Did protestors violently storm the Capitol Building? This Footage Shows Otherwise

by Avi Abelow

The media is reporting that Trump supporters violently stormed the Capitol building. Is that what you see? I see regular dressed Trump supporters trying to stop black-clad Antifa anarchists from destroying the windows of the Capitol building.

Regardless, those who did enter the Capitol building with violence were totally wrong, and everyone involved must be caught and punished. There is enough video footage showing people’s faces to find those who took part and punish them. 

Violence at the Capital Building

The 40th Police Commissioner of the New York City Police Department Bernard B. Kerik posted the above post on twitter with the video posted below.

What a terrible thing to witness. This is not the America we know, and this can have dangerous repercussions for all of our democracies.

It’s important to note that we don’t know who is behind the violence in destroying the windows of the Capitol building and storming the building. But you could hear people screaming “Stop them” and “no Antifa”.

What is the bottom line? What we witnessed is a travesty. Yet, what exactly happened? Who truly instigated the destruction? The jury is still out on who is to blame. The media is blaming President Trump for this, assuming Trump supporters are the culprits and Trump instigated them. But, in the video, we see and hear plenty of Trump supporters screaming to stop the destruction, and calling the violent ones “Antifa”. Also, nobody today blaming President Trump for the violence at the Capitol, blamed Pelosi, Biden, or Harris for the absolute destruction of cities by Antifa across America over the past year. Either they all are to blame or none of them are to blame. But the mainstream media never blames the leaders of the left for anything. And they are definitely not telling the full story of what happened at the Capitol building, as the video shows.

I believe the biggest issue from the incident last night is that it stopped President Trump from having the last constitutional opportunity to present the evidence in a way that could have potentially brought about a change to the electoral votes. Why would he have supported a violent act on the Capitol that stopped his final opportunity to present the evidence and instead make his situation that much worse than before? That is a big question that is being ignored. On the one hand, it makes no sense for Trump to have done supported such an action, and on the other hand, it makes sense that others had every interest in stopping the evidence from being presented.

Something is off. Very off. All of America and the freedom-loving people around the world will now suffer greatly from this.

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