Never Before Seen Footage – Police Let Crowd Walk into the Capitol Building

by Avi Abelow

What happened last week at the Capitol Building? There is still a huge cloud over what exactly happened, who actually instigated it all, etc. Do people really know and have answers? Does the media? The media is continously broadcasting the message that what we witnessed is nothing less than an “insurrection” and “coup” led and instigated by the President, and they are delegitimizing every person who supports the President and still voices concern over election integrity. What really happened?

Below is newly released footage that shows a totally different picture than what is being broadcast by the media. Even the police officer says “I don’t agree with this”. Listen to the video. Who did he say that to? Who gave him the order to open the doors and let people just walk in? Yes, someone gave him the order to open the doors. Does that fit the narrative of a violent insurrection of the media?

The media should be broadcasting the above footage to inform people that while some people did storm in and did break windows, some people were just “invited in”. Why?

As if that is not confusing enough, watch this slow motion video seeing people inside the Capitol building passing sticks through the windows to “protestors” outside the building:

Is the Media’s Narrative True?

Do those videos show a violent “coup” and “insurrection” aimed to take down the government on behalf of President Trump?

Contrary to the clear narrative of the media, what took place at the Capitol building does not look like an insurrection instigated by the President at all.

What do we know for certain? We know that various people entered the Capitol building illegally, whether Antifa and/or Trump supporters. And anyone who did so should be punished, obviously including anyone who used violence. But that was no insurrection to take down the government.

Nothing good could have come out of that act for Trump. Nothing. Not the fall of the government, not the overturning of an election, not the stopping of a vote, nothing, just bad headlines, unnecessary violence and vandalism with no positive outcome.

Contrary to the establishment media narrative, storming a building with US flags and taking selfies and pictures in the building is a sure fire way to fail to overthrow a government. And any person, right or left, who used violence during that act was an idiot and should be punished.

In actuality, Trump was the one most hurt by what happened. Congressmen and Senators were finally going to hear and see evidence and discuss the contested elections for hours and hours, if not days, according to the Constitution. That was stopped because of what happened. The final opportunity afforded to President Trump according to the Constitution to contest the elections was taken away from him and all his supporters.

Does it really make sense that Trump would support such a stupid act of “insurrection” that would hurt him and stop his final opportunity to contest the elections? Others had an interest to stop that process, not Trump.

No, he had no reason to support such a stupid act and he didn’t.

But that is not the story we are being told. We are being told that President Trump led an insurrection. That he supports domestic terrorism and that his supporters are domestic terrorists and hence deserve to be silenced.

What we are witnessing is a massive delegitimization campaign of all Trump supporters, half of America.

This brings back memories from 1995 of the despicable campaign to delegitimize the whole right-wing/religious community in Israel following the assasination of former Israeli Prime Minister Yitzchak Rabin. That campaign lasted for years. The whole right-wing/religious community was blamed for the assassination.

That is exactly what is happening in America today. All conservatives/Trump supporters are being blamed for the act of a few. Except today the media world is that much more powerful with the ease social media companies have to shut people up and shut them down.

It is so sad to witness what is going on. What’s even sadder is understanding that most people can’t even have civil conversations about this because there are two sides with two totally different set of “facts.” There is no middle ground to have civil disagreements anymore. Like I said before the elections, those who still believe the establishment media voted for Biden, while those who no longer believe the establishment media voted for Trump.

Trump is not the one who divided America. The establishment media that has spread lies for four years, calling Trump a racist, antisemite, Hitler etc. are the ones that have divided America.

And for those who will insult me for “worshipping” Trump. Again, I worship no man. I worship G-d alone. This is not about Trump. This is much bigger than Trump. This is about an ideological agenda that wants to shut down all dissent. Trump just happens to be the one leader with the fortitude and leadership to stand up to it. Hence, my voice in support of his agenda to take it on. And as I always say, we are dealing with the exact same thing in Israel. A second reason why I’m vocal about it.

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