New footage: Antifa Led the “Coup” of the Capitol Building

by Avi Abelow

The ideological left in the US wants us all to believe that Trump supporters led an “insurrection” at the Capitol. That is their justification for the massive delegitimization campaign taking place against conservatives and Trump supporters. Yet, more and more footage is coming out showing that the violence was actually led by Antifa-like individuals, not Trump supporters. Would any patriotic Trump supporter use a United States flag to destroy anything, let alone the windows of the Capitol building? Watch the video and see with your own eyes.

Did Trump supporters enter the Capitol building illegally? Yes, they did. Did they use violence to implement an “insurrection”? We think all the following footage shows otherwise. But, you be the judge of that…

Destroying More Fake News from the Establishment Media

I actually watched a full hour and a half video of what happened at the Capitol building. It was filmed by an antifa/black lives matter leader, John Sullivan, who has since been arrested and then let go. He said he was “acting as a journalist”. Yet, in his full video (if still available) the following conversation is overheard in the rotunda of the Capitol building between him and a woman by the name of “Jade”, who happens to be a journalist for various media companies:

Jade: “We did it. You were right. We did it.”

Sullivan: “Jade, I was trying to tell you. I couldn’t say much.”

See and hear the clip with your own eyes and ears…

So, there you have it. An antifa/black lives matter leader saying “I tried to tell you but I couldn’t say anything”, showing us all that the event at the Capitol was a premeditated infiltration of Trump supporters to use violence in the Capitol building in order to paint the whole Trump supporting camp as “domestic terrorists”.

The establishment media even manipulated other news to build up their narrative against Trump supporters. As the below tweet highlights, two of those stories were then exposed as fake news. But go tell all the viewers around the world who saw the initial stories blaming Trump supporters.

They Called This an “Insurrection”?

Yes, there was violence used in the Capitol, but as previously detailed, it seems that the ones who used the violence were the antifa/BLM infiltrators, not Trump supporters. Regardless, anyone who used violence or did anything illegal should be punished, regardless if they are antifa/BLM or Trump supporters.

But to highlight how what happened was not an “insurrection”, just watch how the Capitol police officer asks the intruders to leave the Senate hall: As he says: “Any chance I can get you guys to leave the debate wing?”

Antifa Infiltration

With more and more information coming out, it definitely looks like the Jan. 6th event at the Capitol building was an infiltration of antifa and black lives matter, done to tarnish President Trump and Trump supporters. This was done to then allow the Democrats, and big-tech, to begin a massive delegitimization campaign to not only stop President Trump’s final constitutional opportunity to possibly overturn the election results, but also crush the Trump-supporting camp across the United States.

And it is working. Plenty of Trump supporters are embarrassed by what happened at the Capitol building thinking that President Trump is to blame. Due to that, many conservatives are now scared to voice their opinions out of fear of being canceled themselves.

The truth is that plenty of Trump supporters went into the Capitol building. But they were instigated by the antifa folks. Plenty of times John Sullivan himself, in his video, is instigating the Trump supporters to move forward. He also repeatedly tells the Capitol police officers to stand down and move out of the way. In one instance, after he told the Capital police officers to stand down, they moved away, allowing other antifa members to then smash door windows that then led to Ashley Babbit getting shot and killed after climbing through the smashed window. If Sullivan hadn’t prodded the police officers, they might not have left their post and Babbit might not have gotten killed. Does this all sound like a passive journalist?

In addition, on his way to those locked doors protected by police he is telling the crowd “let me through, I have a knife”. Then you hear people screaming “F*** the blue”. Are these things Trump supporters, who support law enforcement would scream? No, those are chants of antifa and black lives matter anarchists.

It is all documented in his full video. And here is the short clip of the scene described above (We stopped it right before seeing the woman, Ashley Babbit, get hit by the shot since we didn’t find it appropriate to show scene):

The bottom line is that there is plenty of footage that places great doubt on the media’s narrative blaming the violence in the Capitol building on Trump supporters. It is sad to see a massive crusade against the whole conservative/Trump-supporting public based on a narrative of lies.

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