NO THIS IS NOT A JOKE: Nancy Pelosi Attempts A Coup Against President Trump

by Gavriel Dan

According to the NY Times, Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi asked the Pentagon to take President Trump out of the chain of command. The Pentagon responded: That would be a coup.

The article in NY Times said the following:

“Mr. Trump, they noted, is still the commander in chief; unless he is removed, the military is bound to follow his lawful orders. While military officials can refuse to carry out orders they view as illegal — or slow the process by sending those orders for careful legal review — they cannot remove the president from the chain of command. That would amount to a military coup, the officials said.”

With the storming of the capital building and the raising of the rhetoric, we now have a system in free fall, where the speaker of the house is willing to engage in a military coup against a sitting President. The consequences of this action cannot be overstated. If the Gen. Mark A. Milley of the Joint Chief of Staff would have agreed, it would have put the entire country into danger.

There may be only 10 days left to President Trump’s term, but Iran remains a real threat and may in fact start something in the next several days. Pelosi’s attempt at circumventing a duly elected president will have adverse effects on the entire world, but in regards to Israel and the Middle East, a move to “reign in Trump” could result in disastrous consequences if Iran tries to attack Israel.

While Pelosi has been rebuffed, her move will be remembered as the beginning of the dangerous slide towards complete political chaos that rarely can be stopped once it starts.

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