A Democratic rep said the most absurd thing Congress has ever heard

by Phil Schneider

Ben Shapiro explains what evidently is not obvious. The word Amen has become a gender word. Watch. You will be shocked by the stupidity of what took place at the beginning of Congress.

This can be chalked up as an honest mistake of etymology. But unfortunately, Ben Shapiro is right at pointing out that gender focus has become such an overarching issue, that even the word Amen is no longer a word that can be used as a neutral word that ends a prayer. It has been usurped into part of the gender wars that exist in the new obsessive world that disallows any mention of the word man or men without mentioning woman or women.

This culture is not more respectful of women. It is simply super-sensitive to gender equality. Instead of focusing on the very real issues of gender, such as equal opportunities for women in the marketplace, these gender equivalence attitudes are focused on hyper-sensitivities that don’t actually make significant changes.

Will the Biden administration embrace these kinds of hyper-sensitivities? Probably. But the more reasonable people who are genuinely interested in moving progress for women forward ought to calm down a bit. Despite there being more things to move on, things are quite good already for women. But there is one issue that hyper-sensitivity for the respect of women is justified on – domestic violence. These issues are very real and unfortunately, swept under the rug way too often. These are not simple issues, nor are they easy to fix. This is where the focus ought to be on. Not on ending blessings with the word – Amen.

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