Israel is leading the world in its COVID-19 vaccination program

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel has recently received the world’s praise for how quickly they are giving the population the COVID-19 vaccine. Amazing!

COVID-19 Vaccination Program

Israel is an amazing country. Yes, they have flaws – as does every country. Some things in the system must be changed. But having said that, the way the health care system works has allowed Israel to distribute the COVID-19 vaccine to over a million people thus far.

Israelis are quickly trying to get the vaccine. People want the economy to reopen. They want to get rid of the virus that has made so many ill and taken the lives of thousands in Israel. Although Israel is prioritizing the elderly and high risk, others have also had the privilege of receiving the first dose of the vaccine. When extra vaccines will expire, the public is allowed to go to their local health insurance building to get the injection.

It is such a blessing for those who live in a country that is so widely distributing a vaccine that will please G-d end this terrible pandemic.

BDS – Take a Hike

What does the BDS Movement have to say about this? What do they have to say about Israel working to end the pandemic and widely distributing the COVID-19 vaccine? And about the fact that both the Moderna and Pfizer vaccines have Jewish roots? Will they refuse to take the vaccine? Or they’ll once again claim they want to boycott the Jewish state and then proceed to benefit from everything Israel has to offer.


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