Alleged Israeli attack sets back Iran’s nuclear enrichment facility 9 months

by Leah Rosenberg

The attack at Iran’s nuclear facility Natanz came shortly after Iran started up new devices to speed up uranium enrichment.

Attack on Iran’s Nuclear Plant

The recent attack on Iran’s nuclear plant is said to have been carried out by Israel. Initially reported as a cyberattack, it was later found to be an explosive device. It is said that this attack has set back Iran’s facility by around nine months, and it seemed to have come at the perfect time.

Iranian news report also that Behrouz Kamalvandi, spokesman for #Iran Atomic Energy Organization, broke his ankle and head in an incident during a visit to #Natanz atomic site which had been damaged in another “incident“ today – most probably the explosion that damaged the plant. Head of Kashan University of Medical Sciences says Kamalvandi who was visiting the incident at the #Natanz nuclear site along with Ali Akbar Salehi on Sunday morning, was injured in a “fall from a height of 7 meters” and is now hospitalized in Yasrebi hospital and is in good condition.

The takeaway? Reentering an Iranian nuclear deal would be detrimental to Israel and the entire world. President Biden wants to be part of this deal again, and yet he and his administration seem to ignore the reality and the truth about Iran. Iran cannot be trusted, and the good people of the world need to understand that.

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