Undercover Operation Exposes EU Plans for Illegal Takeover of Judea, Samaria and Jerusalem

by Phil Schneider

The European Union is at the forefront of some of the most anti-Israel activities. That is not news. What is news is that they have been running a covert operation for years to fund all kinds of land grabbing of Area C. This is not about battling the State of Israel politically. It is about putting facts on the ground in a completely illegal fashion that is against any legal framework.

The State of Israel has been settling the Land of Israel for more than 100+ years through much self-sacrifice and money. For more than 100 years before the State of Israel was formed, Jewish pioneers – who used to proudly call themselves settlers – came with very little from Russia, Poland, and Arab lands in the Middle East. Despite their meagre resources, they found some backers who were willing to purchase tracts of land. The Land of Israel was largely empty and land purchase was available. Land was not stolen, but purchased. By 1948, much of the Land of Israel was being developed by Jews living in small communal villages and towns. This led to a major renewal and increase in economic output in what would become the State of Israel. Many Arabs from Syria, Egypt, and other areas flocked to the Land of Israel out of pure economic reasons. There was money to be earned working under or alongside the Jewish pioneers.

Today, there is a disputed area in Judea and Samaria that Israel liberated in a defensive war in 1967. Israel has around 100 small, medium, and large towns located in this expanse. As the struggle against the existence of the State of Israel continues to this very day, a new weapon in the struggle is the European-Union-funded Arab struggle to grab land that does not belong to them. This expose brings it all out into the open for all to see. There are immoral activities going on in the State of Israel. Arabs are stealing, with the support and blessing of the European Union.

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