G-d’s Promise to Abraham is Coming True Before Our Eyes

by Leah Rosenberg

G-d made more than one promise to Abraham. And G-d keeps His promises. Take a look at what’s happening today! Amazing.

G-d’s Promise to Abraham

When G-d spoke to Abraham, he made different promises. And of course, G-d keeps His word. This promise to Abraham about making his name great is literally happening. People think there are more Jewish people than there really are.

The Jewish people have a huge responsibility. We are somehow always being scrutinized. We are looked at on the world stage. And if we follow G-d’s word, we set a good example. The world then sees what it means to be part of G-d’s nation.

We must strive to sanctify G-d’s name. The promise to Abraham is real. And we are part of it. We are tasked with bringing G-d into the world.

We are such a tiny percentage of the population. This video proves that people think we have a much, much larger population than we actually do. The only explanation for that is G-d and His promise. It makes no sense that a people who make up 0.2% of the world population are so known. It is irrational that some people think there are hundreds of million of Jews – some even think a billion!

But G-d is true. His word and His Bible are true. And so, here the Jews are. 0.2% of the world. And yet, their name is so, so great. It is truly a remarkable thing. Let’s sanctify G-d’s name and make the Jewish people and the world proud.

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