This is What They Were Trying to Hide About COVID-19

by Phil Schneider

Was there a widespread conspiracy to silence all oppositions to vaccines for Covid-19? Was there a concerted effort to get everyone on board, from the youngest children to the oldest people to ALL take the new Moderna and Pfizer vaccines when the roll outs occurred? Moreover, were other options for treatment of Corona ridiculed and lambasted despite ample anecdotal evidence that indicated the potential efficacy of these treatments?

The answer to all of these questions will be debated for decades. But now that the fog of the early days of Corona are over, some things are now crystal clear that were not as clear in the early stages.

First of all, nearly all evidence today points to the coronavirus starting in a Wuhan lab, a lab that was partly funded via the Director of the Center for Infectious Diseases, Dr. Fauci. That does not mean that Dr. Fauci was responsible for the creation of the coronavirus, nor does it mean that the 80 year old Doctor should have been completely discredited. But it most certainly should give pause to trusting him as the world expert that knows more than anybody else about handling infectious diseases. He had many motives to deny the Wuhan Lab as the source of the global pandemic.

Secondly, the control of the entire country should never be entrusted to a small group of unelected people. Dr. Fauci had way too much power and sway over the minds and decisions that were made by hundreds of millions of people across the USA.

Lastly, more modesty in combating a new infectious disease is needed. To the extent that the Coronavirus disease was a new infection, the efficacy of the vaccine in fighting it was new. People were strongly encouraged to take an experimental vaccine that was touted as completely safe when indeed, this was not even close to being an established fact. What was a fact was how dangerous the coronavirus was to elderly people and people who had major health issues. But forcing all people to take an experimental vaccine should have always been an individual choice that was recommended, not a mandate that was forced on the masses. Forcing vaccination will boomerang in future years on the health of the masses as vaccine hesitations has now become a rampant trend.

In emergencies, cool heads need to be in charge. There were hundreds – yes, hundreds – of doctors who questioned the policies of the NIH and Dr. Fauci and they were all discredited as quacks and radicals with agendas, when the truth was exactly the reverse. The NIH and the Center for Infectious Diseases should never be trusted again as the sole arbiter that guides public policy in situations such as these.

The problem with saying that the NIH and Center for Infectious Diseases cannot be trusted is that the alternative is very scary. Somebody has to be trusted to recommend and implement public policy. So, what is the right policy?

The best idea would be a larger group of people that disagree about many things. Somehow, the NIH has turned into a single minded organization without variety of opinion. What is needed is a group of people that are NOT just Doctors. What is needed are public policy health professionals, some of whom are doctors and some of whom are not, who have a broader understanding of the ramifications of mass lock downs and forced vaccinations on young and older people.

By the time President Trump appointed Dr. Scott Atlas to lead the way, it was too late. Dr. Atlas, who was perfectly suited to be one of the key people advising the President in this situation was discredited as a radical anti-vaxxer, even though he probably had the most balanced ideas of any health adviser during the pandemic.

With every passing month, it is becoming more and more clear that the response to the pandemic was bungled on many levels. Hindsight is perfect. Let us learn to be better prepared for future challenges.

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