Biden’s Coup Against Bibi Goes Into Full Swing

by David Mark

From the beginning of the Hamas war against Israel, blame for the security and intelligence failure has been directed at Netanyahu’s government. The American government was quick to offer support and surprisingly had an aircraft carrier nearby. The carrier was sent over as if it was already placed there by design.

The woke leftwing pro-arabist Biden administration has never liked Netanyahu. They see him as a block to their grand design to place a leftwing globalist at the helm in Jerusalem. Why do they want this? With Netanyahu and his government out of the way then the left’s dream of establishing a “palestinian” state in Judea and Samaria and Gaza would become a reality.

After all how else would these same leftists and marxist ideologues realize the rectification of the “mistake” they consider Israel if they didn’t put the “palestinians” in control of territory that would allow them to destroy the State of Israel.

There has always been one problem on the way to making a “palestinian” terror entity in Israel – Netanyahu. With his win last year, the Biden team had little chance to topple him – even after the judicial reform protests. This is where the Qatari funded advisors on Biden’s team become important. While Hamas had been planning October 7th for years, the terror group needed inside info on the bases, wall, and they needed someone to jam the coms in order to delay the IDF’s response. It’s true Russia could have helped, but the USA makes far more sense. The USA had recently upgraded Qatar’s standing to that of being equal to Israel’s and Qatar itself has heavily anchored itself inside the Biden administration.


The Biden administration along with their willing helpers here in Israel believed and still do believe that only an event like October 7th that would be blamed on Netanyahu and the right would be enough to take them down - paving the way for a “palestinian” street.

Pro-palestinian advisors like Hady Amr and Maher Bitar who are also backed by Qatar continue to have access to sensitive intelligence data. They also have the ability to steer policy from the inside. October 7th was no surprise to them – they without a doubt knew Hamas planning something as did the general staff of the IDF who are no friends of Netanyahu and conveniently withheld intelligence from him.

Gantz’s trip, Ehud Barak’s call for ousting Netanyahu and Biden singling out Bibi as the main obstacle seem way to orchestrated at a time when Israelis are waking up to the pressure Biden is placing on the government.

Kamala Harris has hinted that Netanyahu has to go and today Chuck Schumer himself said it. Why Bibi? Because that is the only way their delusional vision of “true peace” will come. Yes, the Biden team is trying to create a similar color revolution as Obama did in Ukraine in 2014 and they believe it will work.

This is why Rafah must be invaded and decimated by the IDF. Netanyahu must end the charade and the games the deep state in Israel has been playing for decades as well as pushing back on Israel’s enemies in the United States. By conquering the city Biden does not want us to touch, the administration’s influence will erode. Only then will Israel rid itself of faux friends who only pretend to like us and finish our enemies that surround us.

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