WATCH: Imam Fires Weapon At Hebron Jews And Gets Killed

by Micha Gefen

An Imam from a large Hebron mosque took a Kalashnikov rifle and fired it at Jewish children in Hebron during Shabbat.

Sheikh Mahmoud Nofel the Imam of Hebron’s al-Qassam mosque and a member of Hamas opened fire during Shabbat from behind a tombstone in a Muslim cemetery adjacent to the Jewish community in Hebron. His target seemed to be two Jewish children. No one was injured, but one soccer ball was hit by the terrorist’s fire.

“We were all outside Yeshivat Shavei Hevron – around 100 people – preparing to go on a walking tour exactly where the Imam shot at. They quickly guided us back into the building and 20 young Yeshiva students jumped out in full military gear, ceramic vests, helmets, and went out to defend us,” one father who was visiting his son for a parents’ Shabbat at the Shavei Hevron yeshiva said of the incident.

After the soldiers killed the terrorist, the IDF immediately searched for other possible terrorists in the area. Increased attacks over Ramadan have now become the norm with radical Jihadists hoping to repeat the original Ramadan when Muhammad attacked and killed most of the Jews in Saudi Arabia during his first Jihad.

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