Will Iran Attack Israel Once Netanyahu Is Gone?

by Micha Gefen

It is clear that Netanyahu’s potential departure from the national stage is a huge boost to Iran’s hegemonic aims in the Middle East. While the Mossad has been on the forefront of the war against the Ayatollahs, the new government has many different viewpoints on how to handle the Iranian threat.

Iran has already started celebrating the ousting of Netanyahu as a big victory for the Islamic Republic. While Bennett himself, along with Saar are rightwing and security minded, Bennett has partnered with such a diverse set of coalition partners, it will be hard to see how he can navigate the international arena while staving off a two front attack.

Bennett As A Front

One of the geniuses of the new coalition is that it relies heavily on public perception. Lapid understands that the Israeli populace is traditional and rightwing. This means that on his own he would never be able to be prime minister. By giving Bennett the premiership first, the country can still feel that an experienced security minded leader is in charge.

The problem is that Bennett himself is not Bibi and not only that, his lack of experience in the international arena means he will have to defer to Lapid who will be Foreign Minister. The lack of a cohesive security policy and constant infighting gives Iran the chance to attack from multiple fronts – endangering the Jewish state.

With chaos upon us, Israel’s enemies are about to pounce.


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