Warning: President Biden is Sneaking America Back into the Worst Deal in History

by Leah Rosenberg

What in the world is President Biden thinking? Why is he trying to bring America back into the Iran Deal, AND secretly?

President Biden and the Iran Deal

President Biden is doing something terrible for America, Israel, and the world. The Iran Deal is detrimental to everyone who stands against terrorism. And yet, Biden is sneaking America back into it. It’s Déjà vu. It’s happening again. Obama did it. Trump got out of it. And now the current administration is putting everyone in danger, just like Obama did.

It is insane! Why would anyone want to give Iran money to finance terrorism throughout the entire world? The Middle East is more unstable because of a deal like this. And it affects the Western World as well. This is not an isolated deal that only affects one or two places in the world. The entire planet suffers when Iran has money to sponsor terrorism as well as the means to build a nuclear weapon.

How can it be that ANOTHER president is going to make the same grave mistake? How can it be that this administration refuses to learn from the past?


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