The Secret to Making the Perfect Israeli Salad

by Leah Rosenberg

Israeli salad makes just about any meal taste better. It is known throughout the world; not just in the Middle East. Here’s how to make it.

Delicious Israeli Salad

You might know some of the ingredients of an Israeli salad, but maybe you didn’t know all of them. Or maybe you didn’t know the amounts to get the perfect taste. Well, now you do! This type of salad goes with any meal, and it’s healthy. What can be better? An easy dish that goes with anything AND is healthy! It takes just a few minutes to prepare and tastes fresh and satisfying.

The juicy tomatoes. The crisp cucumbers. The squeeze of a fresh lemon. Perfection!

There are many foods that are unique to the Middle East or even specifically to Israel. But Israeli salad is definitely one of the most versatile options. The ingredients are simple enough that any grocery store carries them. And the recipe is simple enough that even someone who doesn’t cook can make this salad! Some people like this type of salad without the onion, some with. Some people would rather add some bell pepper to their version. All options are deliciously tasty!

So, go ahead. You have the recipe. Try it out. Maybe you’ll eat it alongside another Middle Eastern food like falafel or Shawarma. Don’t forget about Hummus and Tahini. You’re probably getting hungry just thinking about all the delicious options!

And hey – have a rugelach for dessert to finish off the Israeli fiesta!

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