Inside a Gaza Mosque: Armed Hamas militants recruit children for terrorism

by Phil Schneider

Their is a massive humanitarian crisis in the Middle East. But it is not concerning matters that Ilhan Omar or Rashida Tlaib will have you believe. It is Arab treatment of Arab women and Arab children. This is going on in areas of Syria, Iraq, Iran, and in any of the satellites of Iran – such as Gaza and southern Lebanon.

Innocent Arab children in the Middle East are trained to hate and be violent. In Syria, the ongoing Civil War has brought tens of thousands of innocent women and children to premature death. In Gaza, Arabs are completely in charge of themselves. They receive tens of millions of dollars from the world community every month. But, women and children are not free to live as they like. The money is used for two main purposes – line the pockets of the strongmen of Hamas and building a massive terror tunnel network.

Anybody who claims that Israel treats Arab children horribly by bombing BACK, after Hamas rains missiles down on Israel, must be asked, “Who starts the fighting?” Israel never starts. Hamas always starts up the hostilities. There is no cycle of violence. There is just a hostile Arab mob-like group of terrorists that terrorize their own children and their Israeli neighbors. The world should not be trying to propping up the Hamas leadership. They should be treating them something like the world treats Fidel Castro. When the funds dry up for the Hamas, their women and children won’t have the weapons to bomb and terrorize Israeli towns and cities. The humanitarian crisis in Gaza is funded by the European Union and Iranian funds. Much of those Iranian funds come from tax dollars of the United States.

Col. Kemp

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