Iran’s Oil Refineries Catch Fire – Israel Is Suspected

by Micha Gefen

Despite Israel’s internal political chaos and the very real possibility that Prime Minister Netanyahu will be ending his 12 year rule, the Mossad appears to be undeterred in their war on Iranian soil against the Ayatollahs.

Two oil refineries caught on fire in Iran’s southwestern Ahvaz region in the last 48 hours. These fires are said to be unnatural. Although Iran denies foul play, it is apparent that arson is involved as these refineries are considered strategic assets for the regime.

The attack on the refineries comes just after Iran’s biggest war ship was set on fire and sunk in the Sea of Oman last week. There two foul play was disregarded by the Islamist regime.

All of these attacks all the hallmark of the Mossad, which has been operational in Iran for some time. Using proxies from amongst the Iranian Kurds as well as the Balluchs, the Mossad has done an exceptional job at embedding itself high up within the regime and penetrating high value targets≥

It is said that the intelligence that enabled the US to take out Qassem Suleiman two years ago, came from the Mossad.

With Netanyahu set to leave his post as Prime Minister this Sunday, the Mossad is keeping up its pressure no matter who sits as Prime Minister.

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