The secret is out about the UN’s role in Gaza clashes

by Leah Rosenberg

Did you ever wonder how quickly “Palestinian” youth get influenced by radical Islamic ideas? How have so many become involved in the Gaza clashes? Take a look at their education…in U.N. FUNDED SCHOOLS!

Footage from Inside Refugee Camps

An Israeli journalist went inside Gaza and shot clear footage showing how “Palestinian” youth are educated to take part in these Gaza clashes and riots. But even worse is that UNRWA, United Nations Relief and Works Agency, is responsible. Through their programming, children are learning to violently take over Israel – the land they are falsely taught was taken from them.

Click here for the full video expose inside the refugee camps.

Your U.S. Tax Dollars

UNRWA gets U.S. tax payer dollars. MILLIONS every year. And according to the videos of the Israeli journalist, UNRWA is using your money to incite violence and promote such curriculum to the “Palestinian” youth. That means that a United Nations agency is anti-Semitic and allowing hate to circulate instead of using their resources to advance peace. Based on the anti-Israel bias at the U.N., this is not surprising.

But once again, the U.N. denies such allegations.

Rep. Doug Lamborn

Rep. Dough Lamborn repeated over and over again how congress must investigate further. UNRWA claims they are a neutral group, yet evidence points otherwise. Lamborn has seen the textbooks. He knows what these UNRWA schools are teaching the youth, and he demands that congress further researches the situation. As he said, “This is incitement to violence. This is poisoning the minds of the next generation…that’s why we needed the Taylor Force Act…That tells the Palestinian Authority ‘don’t take U.S. tax payer dollars and give it to terrorists who are now in prison.'” The PA glorifies violence and death. What UNRWA is doing is supporting that. And denying it.

Arab Incitement
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