When the world protested Israel at the U.N., Col. Richard Kemp set them straight

by Leah Rosenberg

It’s nothing new, but it’s still utterly shocking. Israel is continuously being accused of human rights violations at the U.N. The worst human rights violators are the ones accusing Israel, and it makes you wonder what the council is all about.

The Accusations

The countries that are making these ridiculous accusations against Israel are nations that torture, murder, and stomp on human rights. How can the United Nations allow such countries to make negative claims about Israel?  They say Israel is using “disproportionate force.” They say Israel is purposely targeting civilians. These countries are calling Israel’s actions “genocidal.” Who are the accusations coming from? The PLO, Qatar, Venezuela, Yemen, Lebanon, North Korea, and Syria. And the world is going to allow such claims from countries who kill their own people? This is almost comical.

The Absurdity

Israel is the only democracy in the Middle East. They go above what any other country would do in order to minimize civilian casualties. And then countries with little to no human rights AT ALL are criticizing Israel. The United Nations clearly does not care about human rights. Because if they did, they would not allow other U.N. members to perpetrate such lies against Israel.

Richard Kemp Defending Israel

As the U.N.’s absurdity continues, Col. Richard Kemp is there to defend Israel. As a former British commander in Afghanistan, Iraq, the Balkans, and Northern Ireland, he knows and understands what happens during wars. Kemp went to the Gaza border and saw the situation with his own eyes. He denounces all the distortions of truth that other members of the council have said about Israel. He discusses the way Hamas sends its own people to be killed and intentionally puts civilians at the front line for propaganda. As Hamas even said about their own goal, “blood…in the path of Jihad.” Why is no one at the U.N. protesting THAT?

Col. Richard Kemp said that what the United Nations Human Rights Council is doing is allowing Hamas to continue their terrorism.

When will the bias against Israel end?

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