Jerusalem speaks up and tells the world the truth

by Michael Sax

When a person says something so true and so embarrassing to the media that they pretend it didn’t happen, you know it’s priceless. This message from Stanley Goldfoot is a prime example of exactly that.

Stanley Goldfoot – a man of integrity

Stanley Goldfoot was born in Johannesburg, South Africa. When he was 18 years old, he heard Ze’ev Jabotinsky’s speech about Zionism. This idea – that the Jewish people should return to their homeland – greatly appealed to him. Stanley packed his bags, left his shocked family and made the journey to pre-state Israel. He joined a HaShomer HaTzair kibbutz (communal farm). At the kibbutz, he worked hard to contribute by picking eggplants in the fields and making floor tiles.

Getting kicked out

However, since Stanley arrived without an entry permit, the British police soon shipped him out of the country to South Africa. In South Africa, he was drafted into the South African Army, and learned to handle a rifle. Stanley later joined the Lehi group.

Returning to the holy land

As soon as he could, Stanley returned to Tel Aviv. He opened the first “School of English.”  This enabled him to enter into the British High Society. As such, he was privy to important information from the top echelons of the British Army. He was now able to pass this important information on to other Lehi members.

How did he do this?

Stanley had a cover story – that he was representing English and French news sources. His valuable “press cards” enabled him to go to many places. He was active in many other activities against the British Mandatory Power, while working in Jerusalem as a respected journalist. Some of those activities were so sensitive that they were never made public. After the rebirth of the Jewish State of Israel, he legally became a resident.

In 1969, Stanley Goldfoot wrote his famous “Letter to the World from Jerusalem.” It still rings true today just as it did back then.


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