Gaza Border Attacked. Infiltration Attempts. Israeli Fields on Fire Due to Firebombs

by Avi Abelow

Once again, Hamas continued to instigate attacks on the Gaza/Israel border. Thousands rioted, and many threw firebombs to burn down Israeli fields and endanger Israeli civilians.  They damaged the fence and some tried to even infiltrate. Yet, people around the world are protesting against Israel for defending her border.

Damaging the Border Fence and Trying to Infiltrate

This Friday, Arabs from Gaza stormed the border fence, threw explosive devices at IDF forces and attempted to damage the security fence.  Four Arabs from Gaza crossed the border fence into Israel on Saturday morning and threw firebombs near the fence as well.  In response, Israel shot warning shots at the violent rioters, and stopped them from damaging the fence and infiltrating into Israel.

Major Damage Due to Firebombs

They threw firebombs and kite bombs at Israeli fields and caused massive damage. Ten firefighting teams came to put out the fires.  They contained the flames before they could harm any Israeli civilians.

MK Moti Yogev (Jewish Home), who serves as a member of Israel’s Diplomatic-Security Cabinet, called on the government to respond to the kite terror by eliminating Hamas leaders.

“To respond to this kite terror, we need to hit the head. We need to hit the heads of Hamas, with targeted eliminations,” he said. “They said there’s someone responsible in Gaza? So he can pay the price.”

“In addition to the suffering and the enormous agricultural damage, these fires also endanger lives. In order to prevent them, we need to attack and deter, just like we would respond to shootings or any other terror attack. We are responsible for the security of the citizens living in Israeli towns near Gaza, and in every other area.”

Yet the world protests against Israel for defending her border

Protesters interrruped US Ambassador to the UN, Nikki Haley, at the University of Houston on Tuesday.  She praised Israel’s “restraint” in dealing with the Hamas instigated riots at the Gaza/Israel border.

As the following video shows, all these anti-Israel protesters and “social justice warriors” are useful idiots. They ignore the truth about these violent riots and allow themselves to be manipulated by Hamas terrorists.

This progressive Rabbi “gets it.”  Anyone who calls themselves “progressive” who actually believe in justice and social justice must listen to him.   Stop being useful idiots manipulated by terrorists.

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