The bloodshed that would occur if Israel didn’t defend its border

by Phil Schneider

Israel’s border is long. In the North, Israel deals with a mountainous and beautiful border with Lebanon. In Israel’s northeast, they need to contend with a border with Syria. Remnants of ISIS and Iranian forces also roam around near Israel’s border. But of late, Israel’s southern border with Gaza is the main hot spot.

The Track Record of Hamas

Many critics of Israel claim that Israel should be more careful with live fire when they defend their borders.
Well, they are plain wrong. Israel understands well that a strong border defense means the difference between life and death for Jewish civilian towns near the border. It is not the words of the Hamas that are the best proof of how dangerous Hamas intentions are. It is the actions of Hamas. For the last three decades, the Hamas has consistently done everything they could to kill Jews and work to destroy the State of Israel.  In the 90’s, they “succeeded” in their efforts to kidnap and kill Israeli soldiers.  In the the last two decades, they focused on bombing Israeli towns in the southern part of Israel.  They have bombed thousands of times and killed Israelis multiple times.

Proportional Response

Many critics of Israel like to talk about how Israel needs to give a proportional response to the Hamas terrorists.  Well, this is the proportional response that would seem the most reasonable.  For every Hamas terrorist who approaches Israel intending to kill Jews, Israeli soldiers should approach them and kill them first.

It is so basic and obvious that the Israeli Military needs to prioritize the safety of the Israeli population.  They do not need to prioritize the safety of the Hamas terrorists.  They need to make sure the terrorists are neutralized.

Wars are not won by ensuring fairness between both sides.  Wars are won when one side overwhelms the other side into submission.  That should be the clear goal of all military battles between the Hamas and Israel.  Victory for Israel.  Defeat for Hamas.


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