The Passover parody that you’ll be showing to everyone you know

by Leah Rosenberg

Passover is a special holiday on the Jewish calendar. And this parody will definitely entertain you during this time!

Passover Parody

Aish HaTorah is a Jewish organization that connects Jews of all different affiliations to Judaism. They have a website with Jewish videos, articles, kosher recipes, and more. You can learn a lot about Jewish holidays by taking even just a quick look at the site. And one thing Aish is known for is its parodies – especially its holiday parodies. This one is the newest Passover parody.

Passover is a very special holiday (as are all the Jewish holidays). It commemorates the time when G-d saved the Jewish people from slavery. Egypt oppressed the Jewish nation in some of the worst ways thinkable. Throwing Jewish baby boys into the Nile river is one thing that says how horrible the Egyptians really were. G-d brought down 10 plagues and miraculously took the Jews out of Egypt by splitting the Red Sea. Today, Jewish families throughout the world celebrate Passover with the many customs that make the day so special and unique.

Just like all the other nations that have tried to wipe out the Jewish people, those nations are gone and the Jews are still here. And that is definitely a reason to celebrate and thank G-d.

It is amazing to think about the fact that the Jews have been celebrating the same holidays with the same laws and customs for thousands of years. They believe in the same One G-d and study the same Bible. How cool is that?

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