The Israeli children who have 15 seconds to run from Gaza rockets

by Avi Abelow

Meet the little children of Kibbutz Alumim, a religious community on the Gaza border. All they want to do is learn and play.  For now, Hamas is not shooting rockets.  But, we all know that it is only a matter of time before Hamas shoots rockets at us again.

Daily Life

Running to safety from rockets has become a way of life for these little children. Some of them will live with these memories forever, while some of them will forget it.

Just four years ago, Hamas killed a little boy, Daniel Turgeman, with a rocket.  It hit him right outside his home in the nearby community of Sderot.

The threat is real.

The End of Rockets

We hope and pray that the day comes soon where Israeli children will not have to run for shelter from Hamas rockets. That day will come.  But only when Israel finally retakes full control of the Gaza Strip and totally destroys Hamas.

Israel has learned that anytime she gives up land for peace that land turns into an area of terror against her.

Dashed Hopes for Peace

Many of us warned Israel not to leave the Gaza Strip in 2005, predicting this exact outcome. Fortunately, and unfortunately, Israel is a land of hopeful people. And we all hoped it would bring peace, not wanting to believe that it could actually make our situation that much worse.

Year by year, more Israelis are realizing that our enemies are not interested in living in peace with us, but only in destroying us.

A safe future for our children is not dependent upon Israel giving away her land for a peace that will never come, but by holding on to our land.

Martin Sherman - Bennett
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