Hamas is burning Israel, and the world is silent – Arson Terror

by Avi Abelow

Can you imagine any other country using such restraint while suffering more than 120 days of arson terror? Yet the world is silent.

120 days of fire! That is how long Israel has been dealing with the arson terror attacks from Gazans of all ages, men, women, boys, girls etc. While the headlines talk about a ceasefire these arson terror attacks using kites, balloons and condoms, continue, daily.

Video of arson terror from yesterday, posted by an Arabic website titled “5 fires erupted in the settlements around the Gaza Strip since the morning by incendiary balloons. Video of the fire that broke out in Kibbutz Beeri:

Another Fire from yesterday:

Why So Long?

Most Israelis are livid that Israel hasn’t used our military to stop this ongoing terror of rockets and arson terror. Yet, Prime Minister Netanyahu is obviously taking into consideration other strategic issues in his decision to instead arrange a type of short-term ceasefire, with Egyptian mediation. PM Netanyahu knows, as we all know, that Hamas will just attack on another day, and Israel will need to finally destroy Hamas, he just doesn’t think the right timing is now.

Even with the “ceasefire” talks, Hamas is continuing to send over fire kites and condoms, destroying more Israeli land and endangering Israeli lives.

Arson Terror

As we always warn the world. Due to their silence in Israel, arson terror will start being used across the Western world by Muslim terrorists. Just like car ramming terror attacks began in Israel to world silence, then began to be used in the West, so too with arson terror.

The Difference Between Israel and Our Muslim Enemies

The difference between the two sides is in the day that we (Israel) will stop fighting we are probably going to die. But on the day that they will stop fighting we will have peace.

It is that simple.

What many Israelis and Westerners still do not want to undertand is that Israel just wants to live in peace. However, our Muslim enemies want to one day destroy Israel. Any period of silence is temporary until they can continue the struggle to defeat us. It is a sad thought, but it is the truth.

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