Open your eyes – the redemption is coming!

by Avi Abelow

Love this song! Whatever language you sing this song, the message is clear, we are living in the times of redemption, and it is happening right before our eyes! (The song is in Yiddish, with the English translation below)


Geulah is the Hebrew word for redemption. It represents the time period that we were promised that humanity would be redeemed with the coming of the Mashiach and the building of the Jewish Temple. We don’t know which will come first, but it does not matter.

The Rabbis in the Torah teach us that one of the steps of the redemption period is the return of the Jewish people to our homeland, Israel. We are witnessing this return and we are living this return.

My ancestors in Europe, the Middle East and America experienced the horrors of pogroms, persecution and the Holocaust. They dreamt of one day being able to return to our own soveriegn homeland in Israel. Little did they know that their ancestors would one day make that dream a reality and live that dream.

We are the generation of the redemption!

Yiddish Lyrics in English

Though our hearts are heavy we will drink a toast.
Even if the gloom gives us no rest we will sing a song.
If there’s not a drop of whiskey let’s drink water
After all, fresh water is life. What else do we need?
May redemption come!
The Messiah is coming very soon!

Trees dance in the forest. Stars are dancing in the sky.
Mr. Yisroel, like the father of the bride, is celebrating.
The Messiah will surely awaken from his deep slumber.
When he hears Our prayerful song.

May redemption come!
The Messiah is coming very soon!

We Want Moshiach Now! We Want Moshiach Now!

May redemption come!
The Messiah is coming very soon!

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