The frightening reality for Israeli children at the Gaza border

by Leah Rosenberg

Get ready to see the face of the frontlines of Israel. Yes – the face of the frontlines of Israel is 3 years old.
Witness a 3 year old that the Hamas has chosen to target with fire.

It is hard to believe that little children are actually targets of Hamas terrorists, but that is exactly the case. Israeli children live a mere 1/2 mile away from violent terrorists near the Gaza border. They used to be further away from terror and lived quietly, but thirteen years ago, Israel made a fateful mistake.

The Gaza Disengagement

Israel voluntarily kicked out nearly 10,000 citizens from it’s own land.  It is exactly those lands that the Arabs in Gaza are using to attack Israel from.  Yes, it seems absurd that Israel would kick out it’s own people, but it is what Israel did.  Why?

There are many theories.  The Prime Minister at the time was Ariel Sharon, a celebrated Israeli General.  He was under no illusion that the disengagement would lead to peace.  He spent decades building up the settlement enterprise in Judea, Samaria, and Gaza.  Sharon was arguably the #1 proponent of Jewish settlement in these areas.  So, why did he make the decision to kick out the Jews from the Gaza Strip?

He did not make peace with any Arab leader.  He did not even make an agreement with anybody.  Prime Minister Sharon simply announced one day out of the blue that he would kick out these Jews as a one-sided gesture to improve Israel’s security.

This tore Israel apart – especially as Ariel Sharon was elected on the platform that he would never kick out any Jews from the Land of Israel.

Legal Bullying

The most plausible answer as to why Ariel Sharon did what he did is that he wanted to retain power.  He often spoke about wanting to become the Prime Minister of Israel.  Sharon only became the Prime Minister in the later years of his life – at around the age of 70.

He was probably surprised to find out just how powerful the forces against him were.

The left-dominated press in Israel labeled Sharon as a warmonger.  The left-dominated legal establishment in Israel threatened Sharon with calls for indictment due to corruption.  This was very plausible as Sharon owned large plots of land in Israel’s south despite spending his entire life as a civil servant with a modest salary.

So, when some of his famously small cadre of advisers came up with a unique idea that would keep him him power, he was receptive to the idea.  They told him that if he makes a bold move such as kicking out Jews from the Gaza Strip, then the press would protect him from the legal threats.

Is this what led Ariel Sharon to “sacrifice” the Jewish settlement of the Gaza Strip?  Perhaps.  Perhaps not.  But what is clear is that the areas that once featured blossoming Jewish communities and miraculous agriculture out of sand is now a staging ground for arson and missile attacks on the Land of Israel.

Ariel Sharon may have been a great warrior and even a Prime Minister who accomplished some important things.  But what he did to the Jews of the Gaza Strip and to the rest of the Land of Israel is unforgivable.


Arab Incitement
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