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Gaza Terrorists Livestream Assembly of Fire Kites – Arson Terror


Gaza terrorists live-streamed assembling the fire kites they fly into Israel. They are quite proud of their cheap and destructive way of destroying Israeli land.


These homemade fire kites cost pennies, yet they have succeeded in destroying over 7,000 acres of Israeli land. Agricultural land, as well as National parks and forests, have been decimated.

Animals have also been hit hard. It will take generations for some of these animals to return to live in their natural habitats here. Some will take over a century.

Terrorists Not Teenagers

Some in the media have portrayed this fire kite terrorism as child’s play. This video exposes it is a whole organized operation. It is not the work of children. It is the work of adults organized to terrorize Israel.

First, they assemble the kite. Then they assemble the bomb and lighting mechanism. Then they connect the two and let it fly into Israel.

These are organized arson terror attacks on Israel. Cheap, but very damaging.

Even though it has been reported that Egypt has mediated a “ceasefire” these fire kites, balloons and condoms continue.