Hundreds of Israeli Arabs Bury a Terrorist Screaming “With Spirit and Blood We Will Redeem the Martyr”

by Avi Abelow

Once again a massive amount of Israeli Arabs are showing their questionable loyalty to the State of Israel. This time celebrating a dead terrorist as a “martyr”.


Ahmad Mahameed, an Israeli Arab from the Israeli city of Umm al-Fahm tried to stab an Israeli policeman this past Friday in the Old City of Jerusalem. Click here for the video and article.

Mahameed exited the Temple Mount on Friday and tried to stab the policeman.

Mentally Ill?

Mahameed’s family, as well as the municipality of Umm al-Fahm, claimed that the police “murdered” Mahameed, since they claim that he was mentally ill. His potential mental state is irrelevant.

The police acted appropriately by shooting the stabber before he succeeded in stabbing the policeman. It is NOT a policeman’s job to ask a stabber to hold off on stabbing for a moment while the policeman first places a call to do a medical checkup of the stabber. The police acted 100% correctly.


Mahmeed’s friends, family and neighbors attended his funeral. They walked through the streets screaming “through spirit and blood we will redeem the martyr”.

Why are they calling him a martyr for trying to stab an Israeli policeman? Who exactly is the enemy they pledge to take vengeance against?

Unfortunately, the answers are clear.

Once again, we are given a glimpse into how many, but not all, Israeli Arabs think.

Their Problem is the Existence of Israel

Israel is the best country for all Arab Muslims to live freely, with freedom of religion, equality and the ability to financially prosper. Shiite Muslims persecute Sunni Muslims in countries that are Shiite.

Shiite Muslims are persecuted in Sunni Muslim countries. In Israel, all Muslims live safely and securely, as well as all minorities, Christians, Druze, Bahai etc. Israel is the only country in the Middle East that all these religions and ethnicities can live peacefully together.

What is at the heart of the conflict?

There are plenty of Muslim Arabs who are proud Israeli citizens. They understand how blessed they are to live in Israel. However, there exists a massive presence of Israeli Arabs who are just waiting for the day to destroy Israel.

This is a clear sign that our conflict is not about settlements, Judea, Samaria, Gaza, or even about the Temple Mount. Our conflict exists because there is a large portion of the Muslim Arab world that wants to destroy Israel.

The Policeman was Justified

In response to the claim that Mahmeed was erroneously shot and killed by the police, the police issued a statement that the shooting of the terrorist was justified and necessary.

“No one can expect the policemen to know that a terrorist who attacks them with a knife is mentally ill,” a senior police official said. In addition, the findings of the investigation revealed that the policemen’s response was quick and appropriate and that they prevented deaths with their reaction.

Defense Minister Avigdor Liberman also rejected the claims on Sunday, saying, “I expect the Umm al-Fahm municipality to do some soul-searching – this is preaching and crocodile tears. When a stabber is charging you, you have a few seconds to think and make a decision. Is the policeman supposed to know the terrorist’s life-story?”

Blood Libel
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