The Biden Admin Lie That Even the Left Won’t Repeat

by Phil Schneider

A US drone was taken down over international waters. Is that a big deal? Yes. Should this lead to World War III? Absolutely not. So, what should be done? Sean Hannity has a point in saying that we should not trust the official line on this incident. But, there is actually a point in sometimes NOT confronting Russia when incidents like this happen.

Hannity’s line on the Biden administration’s way of handling the Silicon Valley Bank failure is much more convincing. Federal bailouts are a common way of handling financial failures when socialist-oriented governments are in power. What it basically means is that the middle class are bearing the brunt of the burden of woke policies of the Silicon Valley Bank.

Federal bailouts are basically a whitewashed way of governments raising taxes on the masses. But the whitewash is very effective. After all, isn’t it a good thing to keep banks from failing? The answer is that it is usually not a good thing. There is a reason that FDIC insures money up till $250,000 because beyond that would be putting too much of an onus on the middle class.

It is not a new debate as to how strong or not strong the federal reserve should be. Alexander Hamilton and Thomas Jefferson burned much midnight oil arguing this point. However, what should be clear today, yet is not, is that the larger the Federal debt is, the greater the onus falls on children and grandchildren. At some point, somebody will have to pay up for the choices of this generation to kick the can down the road.

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Kilemal March 21, 2023 - 5:49 am

Absolutely none of this disastrous cluster fudge would be anywhere near happening if the cRATs hadn’t rigged the election and their desperation is showing.

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