You’ll be Surprised to Learn What it Really Says in Israel’s Judicial Reform

by Leah Rosenberg

Israel’s Judicial Reform is making all the headlines – and not only in Israel. But too many people have it all wrong. Here’s the truth.

The Truth About Israel’s Judicial Reform

This is a perfect example of why you can’t believe everything the media tells you. Just because a platform claims that it is a “news” outlet, it does not mean it is sharing the truth. When it comes to Israel’s judicial reform, the whole world seems to be going crazy. But they are mistaken. Too many people have no idea what it even says in the reform. The Left is making all these dramatic claims about the end of democracy in Israel. But the truth is that Israel’s judicial reform is intended to do quite the opposite. It enables democracy to continue!

Who better to explain Israel’s judicial reform than one of the authors of it? Professor Moshe Koppel is one of the people to go to if you want to understand what the reform actually says.

So, after seeing this video and understanding what the judicial reform is all about, share the truth! Let the world know how their perspective is getting skewed by the lies they see all over the media.

It is okay for people to have different political perspectives and different opinions on issues. But what is not okay is for people to spread lies in order to promote their own view. That does not give the proper chance to others to formulate their own opinion based on the truth and facts instead of lies.

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