The Protest Against Judicial Reform is a Protest Movement Based on Lies

by Avi Abelow

The anarchist, anti-Jewish political leadership of the left is showing their true colors as they continue to go off the rails with their destructive and disruptive protest movement, remember this – THEY ARE A TINY MINORITY!!!

In addition to former prime ministers Ehud Olmert and Ehud Barak and Tel Aviv Mayor Ron Huldai, who have “preached rebellion against the government” over its judicial reform plans and “called for war in the streets”, the leaders of the left are also working to topple Israel’s economy and isolate Israel diplomatically, all to put pressure upon Israel’s government to stop the judicial reform.

This is actual treason, just as bad as the actions of our enemies abroad.

But, again, this group of people are a tiny minority of the Israeli population, even though the picture we are all being told is that they are a huge percentage of the Israeli population.

Let me explain because there are lots of people in the streets protesting, but they don’t represent the anarchist leaders of the political left. The people in the streets are being horribly misled.

The tiny minority of political leaders on the left behind the anarchy we are experiencing have the whole establishment media behind their agenda, spreading their outlandish and destructive misinformation about the judicial reform, so the media makes them look as if they are much a bigger public than they actually are. Because of that, too many people, not just the tiny anti-Jewish leadership of the left, unfortunately, believe their lies and fears and join them in their protest movement without understanding that they are being played.

Let me provide you with some factual information about the judicial reform that the media is hiding from us all.

First of all, we are being told, that the judicial reform is all to protect Bibi Netanyahu from his legal cases. That is just wrong. Justice Minister Yariv Levin has been talking about the need for judicial reform for decades. Law and Constitution Committee Head Simcha Rothman has written about this for over a decade. Leaders of today’s political opposition also have supported judicial reform, including Gideon Saar, Zeev Elkin, and the whole Yisrael Beteynu party, which tabled their own judicial reform bills back in 2016, similar to reform being discussed now. Even Yair Lapid has been vocal about the need for judicial reform to stop the judicial activism of the courts, and his father, politician Tommy Lapid, also warned about Barak’s judicial activism.

Not only that, former Justice Minister Daniel Friedman, from the left, tried to implement judicial reform and was stopped. Labor leader Chaim Ramon as Justice Minister tried to implement judicial reform and was stopped.

All the parties in today’s coalition government campaigned on a platform for judicial reforms, and that is what their voters are expecting.

The leftist politicians and media own this divisive fiasco taking place.

Do European countries not do business with undemocratic and despotic Iran? Yet, the leaders of the political left are scaring the Israeli public that the judicial reform will hurt Israel’s economy! They themselves are hurting Israel’s economy with their destructive, unpatriotic, and traitorous tactics against the reform, like pulling their money out of the country and telling the world to pull out their money!

It is totally ok for people, or leaders on the political left, to be against certain aspects of the judicial reform. And they should be bringing up those points during the legislative process to negotiate the final bills.

But the leaders of the political left instead chose to run a campaign totally based on lies to scare the public and the world that this judicial reform, which leaders in the opposition are on record supporting in the past, will turn Israel into a dictatorship. That it will ruin Israel’s economy? That it is a “coup”? And other scary lies? And based on those lies calling on the public for acts of literal treason to harm the country?

That is an absolute disgrace.

So, why are they leading this massive campaign based on lies, making Israel look horrible to Israelis and to the world?

Remember, this protest movement is essentially not about judicial reform, it’s about a political elite of the left that has been able to rule Israel with the justice system despite not winning elections! And now they want to stop Israel’s new, historic, proudly Jewish/nationalist government from ushering in a more Jewish values-based state of Israel to replace the sinking Western, liberal values, non-Jewish based, state, that the elite anti-Jewish left has been slowly implementing over the years, despite losing elections.

This is a power struggle between a small dying elite that has succeeded in running Israel despite losing political power and the majority of the people of Israel, who the dying elite has always stopped from truly ruling, despite winning elections.

That’s the simple explanation for this whole orchestrated insanity we are experiencing that is not being reported by the Jewish/Israeli establishment media.

But, don’t get depressed. This insanity from the tiny anti-Jewish elitist left in Israel was just a matter of time. It’s all part of the natural process we in Israel have to go through. If it wasn’t this issue, they would have blown up a different issue in this insane way, because when it comes to losing power, this is how the political left reacts.

Remember the story of King Solomon and the two mothers? How did King Solomon decide who the true mother was? The King offered to split the baby. One mother said “no way”, give the baby to the other mother, while the other mother agreed to splitting the baby. King Solomon immediately knew that the “mother” who was willing to split the baby clearly was not the mother!

Now, look at today’s protest movement where the leaders of the political left are saying that they won’t serve in the IDF, that they will remove their money and their companies money out of Israel, and even try to hurt Israel diplomatically.

When the political right in Israel protested against harmful and dangerous policies, annd lost to the political left, we never threatened to hurt the country or our fellow citizens.

That’s the whole story…

We have always overcome our own internal enemies. We will overcome them today as well. And again, I’m just referring to the elite leaders pushing this agenda. Most of the protestors are good people being misled by the lies and misinformation about the judicial reform.

Today’s Judicial Reform is about Saving Israeli Democracy from the Political Left

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