Leftist Anarchy Against Judicial Reform Hurting Israel Diplomatically

by Avi Abelow

As explained by Middle East and Islam expert Dr. Moti Kedar, the protest movement against the judicial reform is having a huge impact on Israel diplomatically in the Middle East.

What we are witnessing is not a normal protest movement, but anarchy led by former leaders of Isreal’s political left who are literally warning about the destruction of Israel as a democracy and therefore calling to harm Israel economically and diplomatically. These messages have been amplified by the media causing many Israelis to protest in the streets and scream about literal civil war.

As US Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz himself recently said in a public debate, that even though he disagrees with some of the reforms, the reform, if implemented as is, would strengthen Israel’s democracy to be more like Canada, New Zealand and Australia.

Hence, the chaos being created by the political leaders of the left, together with the media, is unnecessary and causing Israel tremendous harm, as explained by Dr. Kedar in the following video.

This is one of a number of reasons Dr. Kedar provides in explaining why Saudi Arabia has decided to make a deal with its arch-enemy Iran, and throwing away the alliance with Israel and the United States.

I highly suggest watching the full video to hear everything Dr. Kedar has to say about this extremely critical issue, that in essence potentially will impact all the achievements made between Israel and the Sunni Muslim world thanks to the Abraham Accords.

Watch the Full Dr. Kedar Analysis Here

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