Alan Dershowitz: “These Reforms will make Israel into a Democracy Like Canada, New Zealand and Australia”

by Avi Abelow

Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz puts Israel’s judicial reforms into proper perspective in this discussion featured on J-AIR 88FM Radio and J-AIR Internet radio

Retired US attorney Professor Emeritus Alan Dershowitz debated Eugene Kontorovich, professor at George Mason’s Antonin Scalia School of Law, specializing in constitutional and international law, and Director of the International Law Department at Kohelet Forum, about Israel’s judicial reform. While Dershowitz starts out critical of the reform, as Professor Kontorovich gives him examples showing him the true situation not being reported by the media, Dershowitz ends up agreeing with most of the reform. As Dershowitz said himself:

“the worst thing these reforms will do is make Israel into a democracy like Canada, New Zealand, or Australia.”

Interestingly, Dershowitz highlights the only reason there are protests at all in the streets of Israel is because the reforms were brought up by this Bibi Netanyahu, right-wing government. Had these same reforms been brought up by any other Israeli government, as previous governments have brought them up, there would be no massive protest movement.

Dershowitz admitted that the protests against judicial reform are a surrogate for “we don’t like Netanyahu, Smotrich and Ben-Gvir” and he even criticized American Jews for getting involved in this issue.

Dershowitz also admits that most people protesting the judicial reforms have no idea what they are even protesting against.

As I have written about previously here, here, here and here the Jewish/Israeli public is being fed outright lies by the media and the unhinged political leaders of the left. They are creating a tremendously dangerous social situation in Israel, that is totally avoidable if our leaders and media would be responsible. Instead, they are being irresponsible creating social tension by spreading the overall lie that these judicial reforms are a coup that will destroy Israeli democracy and turn Israel into a dictatorship.

Even Dershowitz recognizes that those are all lies, totally misrepresenting the actual judicial reform.

I highly suggest watching the full debate below produced by: (

Full Debate

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